Yalon Benyamini

Grandmaster in Kung Fu and Tai Chi with 30 years of extensive experience in teaching, competing and participating in research regarding Kung fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Karate. Over the years has won several world titles including World Champion of Champions and champion in full contact at the 1st Kung Fu World Championship in China. Today serving for over 25 years in the IDF, at rank Major, as senior Krav Maga Instructor for special units, combat fitness officer and commander of a special unit for fighting terror, also volunteering at the Israel Police at rank superintendent. During his career he has, amongst other activities, served in international positions including European secretary general for the EWF; worked with children who require special education; participated and gave teachers' training; was honored with numerous invitations as a specialist to many functions across the globe and has formed Yalon College L.T.D. which over the years has had over 1000 students.


For many years now, grandmaster Yalon has specialized in unique knowledge and used it to assist companies, organizations, institutions and individuals, each according to their needs. Listed below are some of his qualifications, activities, achievements and teachers (for credentials see here):



  • Today (since 1983): I hold rank Major in the IDF (Israel Defense Force), as a Krav Maga instructor for special units, combat fitness officer and commander of a special unit for fighting terror since 2005.
  • Today (since 1997): received rank superintendent as a volunteer for the Israel Police.
  • 2001: Received professional rank of Grandmaster of the 3rd level - 9th Dan - the highest rank in the profession.
  • 2001: Qualifying Teachers' mastership diploma - by the Chinese institution for Chinese martial arts – Wuji.
  • 2001: Arbitrator for the Israeli Institution for Experts' Opinions.
  • 1997-1999: Grand Master - 8th Dan, certified as president & chairman of the Israeli branch by the Martial Arts International Federation.
  • 1997: Certified therapist in Tui na-TCM College, Shanghai Shuguang hospital.
  • 1993: Senior international judge in Chinese martial arts - EWF - European WuShu Federation.
  • 1991: Senior judge in the Israeli Karate Championships, Shotokan Do.
  • 1991: Chief Judge at the Shotokan Karate Do International organization.
  • 1989: International Judge, the 13th Maccabia Games, by authority of WUKO - World Union of Karate.
  • 1988-1989: Certified sports trainer in the martial arts field - The Department of Education & Culture, The Sports & Physical Training office, Trainers School, Wingate.
  • 1986-1987: Instructor for fitness & health club - The Department of Education & Culture, The Sports & Physical Training office, Trainers School, Wingate.


  • 2006-Today: Tai chi & Meditation expert on the Israeli Health Channel in satellite and cables TV; presenting a daily segment on the subject.
  • 2002: Teaching Tai Chi & Qi Gong to the winner of the prestigious Israel award - "Itim Ensemble".
  • 2001: Invitation to participate as Grandmaster in the world's 1st Grandmasters' Convention on Tai Chi & Health (by the Chinese school), by the International Chinese Federation.
  • 2000: Guidance & counseling to the new Israeli Opera, on Tai Chi & Kung Fu, in the opera Turnadot, which showcased at the 10th Israeli international Festival.
  • 1995: Invited to participate as a teacher at the first world convention of WuShu by the FIWUK - Federazione Italiana WuShu Kung fu.
  • 1995: Invited by the mayor of Baltimore, USA, to lead & head the Israeli delegation to the World Kung Fu Championships taking place in the USA.
  • 1994: Head of the Chinese WuShu Institute Wuji in Israel.
  • 1994-1998: European secretary general (over 28 countries) of the EWF - European WuShu Federation.
  • 1992: Official representative and head teacher in Israel - International MaibuKan Goju-Ryu Karate Do Association.
  • 1990: Head of the national Karate division at the international department of Hapoel Union.
  • 1989: Head of the Karate division of Petach-Tikva - Hapoel Union for Physical Culture.
  • 1986: Judge at the open Israeli Full-Contact Karate Championships - US Kyokushin Karate.



  • 1997: Champion of Champions in senior teachers category by the Martial Arts International Federation.
  • 1990: European Karate champion.
  • 1989: World champion in full-contact - 1st Kung Fu World Championship in China.
  • 1988: Israel's Kata (Choreographed sentences of a battle simulation) champion - Personal.
  • 1987: Israel's Kata Champion.
  • 1987: Israel's battle's champion on behalf of the Israeli Karate Union.
  • 1987: Laureate of the Olympic Board for professional achievements.
  • 1986: Israel's Karate champion.
  • 1986: Champion of the Hapoel the 13th International Games.

Study and Education

  • 2002-2003: Rank of Senior lecturer (with professor Israel Kim), on martial arts in Giva'at Washington academic college of education.


  • Kim, I. & Benyamini, Y. (2001) “Martial arts, as art: The use of metaphors for Mental balance & the eradication of aggression”. Maof Uma’ase, No.7, 199- 223.
  • Kim, Israel & Benyamini, Yaron. (1998) “The influence of the correctional intervention, traditional martial arts Goju, on the improvement of concentration, self-control and prevention of violence among elementary school children”. Mifgash Leavoda Hinuhit Sozialit. 10-11, 151-175. (Heb.)
  • Kim, Israel & Benyamini, Yaron (2000). The integration of opposites for the prevention of violence”. In: Zidkiyaho, S. and Peled, M. (eds.) Education in the third millennium. Beit Berl: The Igal Alon institute for educational values and the ministry of education. (Heb.)
  • Kim, I. & Benyamini, Yaron (2000). The influence of Goju martial arts on improving concentration, discipline and violence prevention”. In Tzidkiyahu, S. and. Mordechay, Peled (Eds) Education in the 3rh millennia.



  • 1995: Training junior high schoolers in martial arts & self defense on the Tel Aviv city council board of education & culture.
  • 1991: Volunteering Goju teacher in special education during the emergency of Dessert Storm.
  • 1988: A special merit for my contribution to the teaching of combat fitness and physical training in the IDF.



  • Kim I. & Benyamini, Yaron (2008). Lecture at the opening session of the world 1st Convention for Science, Sports and Forensic Medicine. Also invited to instruct a two day workshop for the senior officers of the Turkish police.
  • Kim, I. & Benyamini, Yaron (2004). Key lecture at the UNESCO conference to multiculturalism in training teachers, Beit Berl college and the schools affiliated with UNESCO.
  • Kim, I. & Benyamini, Yaron (2001). Presenting Goju in the international seminar UNESCO on the subject of "We Will Learn to Live together" about inter-generational education in teachers training.
  • Kim, I. & Benyamini, Y. (2001) The safe school model & Goju martial arts. Lectured at UNESCO seminar.
  • Kim, Israel & Benyamini, Yaron (18.6.2000) Cognition and sensitivity: conservative and radical models in the prevention of school violence through Goju. Guest, keynote lecture. Achvah college, ”Intelligence and sensitivity” convention.
  • Kim, Israel & Benyamini, Yaron (1999) The Goju method: an integration of traditional and radical models for the prevention of violence. Jerusalem: The international congress of the association of social educators (Aiea).
  • Kim, I &. Benyamini, Yaron (1998) Mental balance for children through Goju-“fighting as an art”. Lecture at the “movement and song for the young” convention. The Zinman College for Phy. Ed. at Wingate institute in collaboration with the Dept. of preschool education at the ministry of education.
  • Kim, I. & Benyamini, Yaron (1997). Presenting Goju in a seminar held by the research institute of the education college at Beit Berl.
  • Kim, I. & Benyamini, Y. (1995). Presenting a study and demonstration in the international congress - AIESEP on Bridging the Gaps between the disciplines of Curriculum and Instruction.

My Teachers

Kong Mien Ho

Kong Mien HoKong Mien Ho began learning kung fu at the age of 8. He studied tai chi chuan, Yang & Chen style, with two of the top masters of China: Gu Liuxin, the student of Yang Chen Fu, and Feng Zhiqiang, the student of Chen Fake.

Kong Mien Ho mastered the pak mei pai (monk with white eyebrow) style, and coached Belgium & Netherlands' Wu-Shu teams. Over the years master Ho began studying the art of healing as part of his martial arts studies, and continued to specialize in qi gong as a form of practicing and as a method of healing.

Today master Ho resides in Netherlands, teaching healing methods in the government school for physiotherapists in Amsterdam, and teaching his knowledge in workshops around the world.

Master Ho has taught the unique pak mei pai form to Yalon, thus making him the 6th generation of this secretive technique. In addition, he taught Yalon the Buddha Medicine qi gong, the medical sounds qi gong, and the Tao Yin Yang Shen Qong qi gong.


Ma Hong

Ma HongGrandmaster Ma Hong specialized in the internal style of Chen, an ancient style which is considered to be authentic and powerful. Grandmaster Ma Hong personally taught this form to Grandmaster Yalon, who studied it alongside his Chinese colleague, Grandmaster yang HeFa.

Grandmaster Ma Hong, now over 80 years old, continues to practice, advice and lead his senior students in the intriguing world of Chen style Taiji Quan.


Xia Bai Hua

Xia Bai Hua is considered one of the only living grandmasters who have actual combat experience and has accumulated extensive knowledge in many forms, practically, academically and energetically. Today he is a professor by the Chinese Wu-Shu research institute, in addition to being the general secretary of the Chinese federation.

He was Grandmaster Yalon's personal teacher in the styles of tiger, snake and advanced inner sword as well as the 42 combined style taiji form.